One Plus One Equals Four: Dart Casting and General Die Casters Merge

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The goal of any business merger is for the new entity’s performance and capability to be greater than the sum of its parts.  That was the goal when combining General Die Casters and Dart Casting, and after just a few months we believe we are succeeding. 

Have you quoted work with General Die Casters or Dart Casting before and didn’t find what you need? 

It’s time to check again.

General Die Casters' strategy focuses on utilizing modern technology such as Magmasoft flow simulation, Jet Cooling, Zeiss Scanning CMMs and automated CNC machining to produce complex castings with challenging characteristics and strict quality requirements. This strategy allows General to consistently produce complex castings, but it does have a cost.

To compete with Offshore pricing, Dart Casting utilizes lean manufacturing techniques and automation. Dart Casting is now supported by General Die’s Engineering and Sales team, allowing both companies to grow while keeping costs and prices low.

Our combined capabilities will allow us to be competitive in nearly every type of casting in all industries.  

While Dart Casting and General Die Casters may utilize different manufacturing strategies, we do share one common quality - we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of personalized customer service and support. As we integrate our Sales and Customer Service functionality this is the driving principle.  

When a die casting need arises, you only need to make one move. Contact the Dart and General Die team and your problems are solved.

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