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How many cavities should I build into my die cast tool?

One of the most critical decisions you will make when launching a new project is choosing the cavitation of your die cast tooling.  The number of..

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20 Years & Counting: A Look at Pierce Griffin's Career at General Die Casters

Last week, we had the honor of celebrating Pierce Griffin’s 20 years of employment at General Die Casters. In his 2 decades with General Die..

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How Aluminum Die Casting Makes Products More Environmentally Sustainable

The global demand for environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices is growing rapidly. However, the plastic waste problem is outpacing this..

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'Hot Metal Soul' Drives Manufacturing Success at General Die Casters

I’ve always felt a special attachment to die casting that I could never quite articulate.  A few months ago, I experienced a rush of excitement as..

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4 Steps to Solve and Prevent Manufacturing Problems

At General Die Casters, we have earned most of our customers by solving problems.  Whether it be extraordinarily tight dimensional requirements,..

Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership in a Nutshell

I recently had the opportunity to hear Dr. Elad Granot, the Dean of Ashland University’s MBA program speak on Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership.

How to Measure and Control Metal Quality

In part 1 of our blog, we discussed the 3 most prevalent impurities in aluminum that can affect the quality of your castings.  In part 2, learn..

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How clean are your castings?

If you have experienced impurities in your die castings you understand that it can be a costly defect.  Hidden impurities can damage or destroy..

General Die Casters  Increases 1200 Ton Capacity at Twinsburg, Ohio Plant

There is nothing more exciting than the sound of 13 axle trucks and cranes unloading new equipment. In the photo above, clamp end of our new 1250..

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10 Concepts for a Successful Die Casting Design

Aluminum die castings are used in almost every consumer and industrial product sold today.  The engineer tasked with designing a new die casting..

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