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How long will my die last?

Before we publish “The next 5 qualities you should require of your die caster,” let’s talk about tooling. A die caster that possesses our “top..

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10 Qualities You Should Require of a Die Caster Supplier, Part 1.

High Pressure Die Casting is a unique process. At first glance, it looks as simple as pouring molten metal and shooting it into the die. In reality,..

Congratulations on your retirement Witold Trzeciak

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The GDC Difference

Is General Die Casters the most experienced die caster in the world?

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Meet John Quitter, Engineering Manager

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One Plus One Equals Four: Dart Casting and General Die Casters Merge

The goal of any business merger is for the new entity’s performance and capability to be greater than the sum of its parts. That was the goal when..

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General Die Casters, Inc. wins 2023 Evolution of Manufacturing Award

We’re excited to announce that General Die Casters, Inc. has been selected as one of the Evolution of Manufacturing honorees for a second time!

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Foundry Philosophy: Decision Making

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High-Pressure Changes the Future of Manufacturing (and becomes cool in the process!)

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The Keys to Successfully Transition Die Cast Suppliers

How to optimize sub-optimal die cast tooling. Don't settle for your die cast supplier.