10 Qualities You Should Require of a Die Caster Supplier, Part 1.

High Pressure Die Casting is a unique process. At first glance, it looks as simple as pouring molten metal and shooting it into the die. In reality,..

Care and Feeding of your Die Casting Part 3

Protecting your aluminum die cast investment “organically” Electrocoat and Liquid Coatings

Care and Feeding of your Die Casting Part 2

Protecting your casted investment “organically” Powder Coating

Care and Feeding of your Aluminum Die Casting

(a new series on how to protect your die casting) The basics - Corrosion

The Best and Worst Thing About Automation

Automating a manufacturing operation is not as simple as it appears. The best thing about automation is that it does the same thing every time. The ..

Why You Should Work in A Die Casting Plant

Because it is hard, and you’ll love it

2021 The Year Of Change – And What We Expect In 2022

2021 provided irrefutable proof to the old saying, “The only constant in life is change.” Few businesses struggled for sales. We all struggled to..

Women in Manufacturing - Ohio Chapter Tours General Die Casters

Company Culture and “The ABC’s”

Culture is a hot buzzword in business today. I think we all agree that it is important for business success, but the process of creating and..

What Happens When an Engineer Doesn’t Read your E-book?

General Die Caster’s has been on a mission to educate our customers as well as our prospects for nearly a year. If you read our popular book, The Die..