How clean are your castings?

If you have experienced impurities in your die castings you understand that it can be a costly defect.  Hidden impurities can damage or destroy..

General Die Casters  Increases 1200 Ton Capacity at Twinsburg, Ohio Plant

There is nothing more exciting than the sound of 13 axle trucks and cranes unloading new equipment. In the photo above, clamp end of our new 1250..

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10 Concepts for a Successful Die Casting Design

Aluminum die castings are used in almost every consumer and industrial product sold today.  The engineer tasked with designing a new die casting..

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How to Make a Die Casting Without Porosity

When manufacturing parts with high pressure die casting, there is a risk that porosity may form  in critical areas, much to the frustration of..

How to Choose an Alloy for Die Casting

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive at General Die Casters is, “what alloy should I use for my casting?” We love getting asked..