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Is General Die Casters the most experienced die caster in the world?

I can’t say for sure, but we sure can make a strong argument. Our core team of 15 managers & engineers each have more than 20 years in the die casting industry; and most of it here at GDC! It’s difficult to find any business with this type of commitment and we believe it makes all the difference.

How can our team help your business?

It sounds simple to design a die casting for a new product. An engineer simply models a design to meet the form and function for the final product, a tools shop cuts a mold and molten metal is injected into the die. Right? That’s far from the case.

Most product design engineers have very little knowledge of how to design a part to be successfully die cast. Succeeding at this task requires the engineer to visualize not just the casting, but the die steel which will create the part and how the die components will interact. Utilizing draft, parting line placement, proper radius and recognizing features that create thin steel are just a few challenges. Our E-Book, the Die Casting Designers Handbook, covers many of these concepts.

GDC Experience  Technology combined with experience is an unbeatable combination.

We have utilized Magmasoft for 16 years to evaluate our customers’ designs for castability and recommend improvements. We can quickly evaluate the manufacturability of a design and recommend changes that will reduce solidification time and improve filling without trapping air. Like any tool, you must have the experience to extract all its benefits. Magmasoft provides a dizzying amount of data to be analyzed and interpreted. Our engineering team’s experience and education allow GDC to truly utilize this tool to cast the ultimate version of your part.

You can dramatically reduce the cost and timeline of your casting purchases by developing a strategic relationship with the right die cast supplier.

If you are interested in:

  • Achieving longer tool life by designing castings and dies with best practices.
  • Lowering piece price by removing unnecessary aluminum, reducing scrap with proper design and optimizing cooling line placement.
  • Eliminating CNC machining, sanding, and deburring operations through proper design.
  • Shorter lead time for first parts by producing castings that meet specifications on the first sampling.

Then contact General Die Casters today! We're happy to discuss how we can meet your unique needs. Give us a call.



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