What Happens When an Engineer Doesn’t Read your E-book?

General Die Caster’s has been on a mission to educate our customers as well as our prospects for nearly a year. If you read our popular book, The Die..

General Die Casters named a 2021 Honoree with Smart Business Evolution of Manufacturing Awards

Just published: The Die Casting Designers Handbook

At General Die Casters, we believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to educate our employees and our customers on die casting best practices...

What Tooling Do I Need for My Die Cast Part?

All die casting designs are unique and require custom tooling to produce the part. The complexity and size of the tooling are often surprising to..

Zinc vs Aluminum for a die-casted product?

Zinc and aluminum are two of the most common metals used in high-pressure die casting. At General Die Casters, we have experience with most alloys of..

Why High-Pressure Die Casting?

10 Advantages to consider for your next casting project

The Importance of Automation in Die Casting

Die casting and automation is not a new concept. Some of the first automated die cast cells were developed just a few miles from our Twinsburg, OH..

Die Casting Dimensional Capability 101 Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of our Die Casting Dimensional Capability Series. Part 1 reviewed unique features of die castings and their associated tolerances.

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Die Casting Dimensional Capability 101 Part 3

Our last blog discussed how casting solidification effects die casting dimensional capability. This article will review the remaining factors that..

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How many cavities should I build into my die cast tool?

One of the most critical decisions you will make when launching a new project is choosing the cavitation of your die cast tooling. The number of..

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